Alchemic Phone Wiki


AC/DC Age Old Debate Alchemic Phone
All in the Same Boat All That Glisters Is Not Gold Angry Birds
Arm & Leg Barrel Of Monkeys Bat Out Of Hell
Beaker Best Movie Scene Ever B-Horror Movie
Bifocals Big Bang Theory Big Foot
Big Wednesday Bubble Bobble Bugs Bunny
Bull's Eye Chemically Right Gunpowder Close, But No Cigar
Cluedo Cold Mathematician Cow Tipping
Crop Circles Dangerous Life David Bowie
Death Star Deep Purple Defenders of the Crown
Disco Inferno Donkey Kong Doom
Doomsday Clock Double Rainbow Easy
ecnalubmA Frogger Fruit Themed Toyphone
Gazoo Godzilla Goldrake
Hangman High Noon Hole
Io Iron Maiden Japanese Sci-fi
Land of Oz Lego Liger
Light Pollution Lightsaber Luau
Mamma Mia ! Metallica Mind Control
Missing Link Missionary Soup Monopoly
Mr Dude Mtv Musician Like Colours
Paved With Good Intentions Piece Of Cake Piggy Bank
Piiiigs in Spaaacee Pink Floyd Planet of the Apes
Play Possum Poker Pulling Your Leg
Purgatory Radioactive Bug Raining Cats and Dogs
Rise And Shine Rolling Stones Roomba
Rose & Crown Pub Sexy Shop Shooting a Fish in a Barrel
Sick As A Dog Silent But Deadly Skipping Stone
Soap Opera Sonic Youth Soundgarden
Space Invaders Spiderpig Squash
Stand By Me Statue of Liberty Summer Swimsuit Test
TARDIS The Steadfast Tin Soldier Thunderbolt
Til The Cows Come Home Tommy Gun Toy Story
Two Heads Are Better Than One UH-OH ! Under the Weather
Urban Myth Wabbit Season ! Walk The Plank
Water Proof Matches When Hell Freezes Over ! When Pigs Fly
White White Christmas Whittle Your Time Away
Yahoo Yeti Your Position
You're Holding It YYYYYAAAAAAARRRRGH Zamboni Machine

Realm Scoring[]

50 Discovering Special Alchemy Elements
350 Discovering All That Glisters Is Not Gold
250 Discovering Angry Birds
350 Discovering Beaker
200 Discovering Big Wednesday
250 Discovering Bubble Bobble
350 Discovering Chemically Right Gunpowder
600 Discovering Close, But No Cigar
150 Discovering Cold Mathematician
150 Discovering Donkey Kong
250 Discovering Doomsday Clock
300 Discovering High Noon
200 Discovering Iron Maiden
350 Discovering Land of Oz
200 Discovering Mamma Mia !
300 Discovering Mind Control
350 Discovering Radioactive Bug
200 Discovering Space Invaders
350 Discovering Stand By Me
400 Discovering Tommy Gun
300 Discovering Urban Myth
200 Discovering White
300 Discovering Yahoo